Our First Memory of Mom (MoM) Contest Entry

Written by Ann on April 23, 2012

Many thanks to Ann, who submitted the first Memory of Mom (Mom) entry this year! 

Here’s what she had to say about “Gumby,” that special woman in her life.

If I had five more minutes with my Mom, I would remind her of all the great times we had over the years and would thank her for everything she did for me growing up.

And I would tell her how much I love her and will miss her.

She passed away nearly two years ago. I have so many good memories, and we had so much fun giggling together. Only good memories.

Love you, Mom!

  • Missing Jessie

    If truth be known, I, too, was getting a little concerned about Jessie and walked very carefully when I got near his pond. But, after he was gone, I began to miss him. Maybe it was the thrill of being so close to something so wild. He brought a little of Old Florida into my back yard.

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