Childhood Memories Immortalized

Written by Braiden Rex-Johnson on August 22, 2011

Several months ago, I ran across some cross-stitch and a needlepoint canvases that I had created during my childhood. They’d been locked up in an old suitcase for years, so were still in credible shape, with just a stain or two around the edges.

Instead of leaving them tucked away, I decided to get them framed at a nearby Aaron’s Brothers store. It wasn’t an inexpensive proposition, but I felt this little reminder of childhood deserved to be on show.

Here are the results–three canvases that now hang proudly on one of our bedroom walls.

Do you have touchstones to your past that are hiding away in an old drawer or corner?

Do you remember the past, and honor it?

Don’t you think we should all commemorate our young lives more often?